Powerful, discrete and affordable ballistic protection, designed for everyone. 
Seat to safety, in seconds.
A Lifesaving Secret
The CoverMe-Seat looks, feels and functions like a portable, self-supporting seat, but it has a lifesaving secret. In an emergency, it rapidly transforms into top-tier bulletproof protection utilizing advanced UHMWPE* technology. Designed, engineered & tested in the U.S.A.

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Professional - Grade Protection
The front & rear embedded panels are designed to protect against the most powerful handgun cartridges in use today (NIJ IIIA). For enhanced protection, a supplemental rifle plate adds the ability to stop even high-velocity rifle fire (NIJ IV).

The CoverMe-Seat uses UHMWPE, an advanced ballistic material. UHMWPE is rugged yet lightweight. As strong as Kevlar, it's also more resistant to moisture and light.

High Quality Standards
Practical Protection believes that only effective protection can be ethical protection. That's we we require our manufacturers to follow industry-leading quality-control practices, including ISO certification, maintain independent audits & government licenses, where applicable.

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